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11 Steps to a New Garage

Building a garage addition that brightens curb appeal and adds space and functionality to your home is a big job. The seasoned professionals at Special Additions will help you every step of the way to give you the garage you want without the fuss.
Special Additions makes building your new garage stress-free with our highly-structured process of building your garage addition. Here’s how we do it:

1. Plan the Job with an Experienced Professional
Special Additions has built 4,000 additions over the years, so we can help you plan every aspect of the project. We outline all your options and help you create the perfect plan for your needs. We work with you to consider the garage’s size, location, shape, roof style, and the building codes in your community.

2. Sign a Contract and Get Moving
After our easy-to-understand agreement is signed, our staff rolls into action.

3. Approving the Design
Based on your specifications, Special Additions will complete a design of the garage addition for your approval. Once it meets your every need, we provide a timeline so you are prepared for the process ahead.

4. Obtaining the Building Permits and Approvals
Dealing with your municipality can be a major hassle if you’ve never done it before. We’ve done it more than 4,000 times, and know exactly how to configure the design for approval. We take care of the building permit and other approvals for your peace of mind.

5. Survey and Foundation Prep
We level the ground so a foundation can be poured and you won’t experience drainage issues in the future.

6. Pour the Foundation
You need a thick concrete pad reinforced with rebar if you’re going to drive vehicles onto it – or even if you’re not! Trust Special Additions to do the job right.

7. Frame the Structure
Next we’ll build the bones of your garage with high-quality lumber, oriented strand board and roof trusses, secured into place with redundant strapping to keep hurricanes and floods at bay.

8. Install Windows and Doors
If your garage has windows, this is the time they go in, along with the entry and overhead doors. The overhead door is a key feature of both the garage and the house. Our expert installers ensure the door slides up and down smoothly and forms a tight seal with the ground.

9. Finish the Outside, Then the Inside
From insulation to gutters, we’ll zip up the outer envelope of the garage and then turn our attention to plumbing and electrical inside the garage.

10. Inspections
Once the project is wrapped up, we’ll arrange for inspectors from your municipality to sign off on the structure, electrical, and everything else required. Then the moment you’ve been waiting for …

11. Garage!
Open the door, move your stuff in, drive your car up, and enjoy your new garage addition. With Special Additions’ lifetime labor warranty, you never have to worry about anything breaking.

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