Garage Addition Professionals in Mount Pleasant, SC

Garage Addition Mount Pleasant SCA garage addition can offer any home in Mount Pleasant, SC, both a visual and functional upgrade. And with the many garage types and styles available on today’s market, there is an option for every budget. The benefits of a garage addition are innumerable: no more scraping ice off a car windshield in the winter; staying dry while carrying in groceries from the car during rainstorms; and storing holiday decorations during off seasons, just to name a few. Any homeowner in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, will easily enjoy the conveniences afforded by a new garage.

Compared to other companies who may be equipped to only build garages, Special Additions has the skills and knowledge to build any custom home addition. With a track record of over 4,000 projects completed in over 40 years of business, we have a reputation for quality and efficiency. The diversity of our work demonstrates that our builders are true craftsmen, and we’re confident we can help you think through the right questions as you decide what sort of garage addition best suits your needs:

  • Is insulation needed to protect items stored in the garage from extreme temperatures and/or to make it functional as a workshop or gym?
  • Should the garage stand apart from the home, offering a safer storage space for dangerous chemicals such as paints or pesticides?
  • What type of door mechanism would be appropriate given space constraints surrounding the garage?

The experts at Special Additions will be able to help you determine the right answers to these questions and more during the design phase of your home’s garage addition. We aim to make each step of the process simple, from choosing materials to financing, and we offer a full, lifetime labor guarantee so that your investment is protected. As a family-owned business serving the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, area, we work to uphold our name by building truly special additions.

Contact Special Additions today to learn more about our garage addition services in Mount Pleasant, SC, and the surrounding area.