When it comes to Building Sunrooms in Charleston, SC, Choice of Materials is Very Important

Sunrooms Charleston SC

Not all sunrooms are alike. In fact, residents of Charleston, South Carolina, should know that the materials used in the construction of a sunroom are a very important contributing factor to the durability and longevity of sunrooms. Using the right materials can make all the difference when it comes to whether or not a sunroom will stand the test of time.

Extruded aluminum is one of the best materials to use for the construction of virtually any outdoor living product. Sunrooms that are constructed from this material are able to withstand long-term exposure to the weather in Charleston, SC, without rusting or breaking down. The extrusion process is what gives the aluminum material its superior strength, making it resistant to warping over time and impact damage from windblown debris.

Durable construction is important for sunrooms, but so is a maintenance-free coating on the frame. This will make it so that the structure never has to be sanded or repainted and will continue looking great for years to come.

When you turn to Special Additions, you will appreciate that all of our sunrooms are made of extruded aluminum and coated with a maintenance-free finish. What’s more, we stand by our claims of durability and the expertise of our installers by offering a lifetime labor warranty, for the ultimate peace of mind in your investment.

To learn more about our sunrooms, contact Special Additions today and set up a free consultation at your home in Charleston, SC.